Biodegradable Baking

The pouring spring rains have filled our rain barrels to the brim and got us all inspired to do some inside pouring and we think you'll love the results. Our organic soap smells good enough to eat (but dont!) with mouthwatering aromas of lemongrass and bergamot filling the kitchen. Our sensitive grey water system is all about "plant friendly" so Out There is a no-go zone for toxic chemicals. We care about our guests just as much, so be sure to treat your skin and take some home with you. 



Oysters don't get any fresher than this. Grab a fishing license to pick your appetizers right off the beach. There must be a thousand ways to cook them, but straight on the BBQ makes for easy shucking, then open faced with garlic, parmesan, hot sauce...whatever rocks your world. My personal favourite is breaded and deep fried...but then everything taste better deep fried right? 

symbolic shangrak

I always knew I could break through the glass ceiling! Well, maybe not quite. This is the roof of our wood framed yurt under construction. Or to be more exact, our magical self supporting Shangrak. Historically the only permanent piece of a traditional yurt, this wooden crown is passed down from parents to children, the more soot stains the better, reflecting the decades of smoke, fire and spice that pass through.