Our well stocked pantry, guest fridge and kitchen garden provides our guests with all the local, fresh and seasonal delights they need to cook up their own breakfast and lunch, in their own time, at their own pace. Every evening, we cook a family style evening meal for our guests. Meals become a gathering place to swap stories, adventures, a few laughs and make new friends. This is a sampling of some of our “go-to” specials and pescatarian fair. We always cater for any food allergies or preferences.

If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with them… the people who give you their food give you their heart.
— Cesar Chavez

Baja fish tacos & coconut prawns

Inspired by simple, tasty street food from winters in our van on the Baja California, taco night is a firm favourite with our guests. The fluffy light beer batter, combined with fresh home made salsas will get your taste buds tingling and the Mojito’s flowing. BYOB, fresh mint provided.

Pad Thai

All the sweet, sour, salty, spicy boxes are ticked with this creation to bring the flavours of South East Asian street food to the island table. Always packed with crispy fried tofu, bags of bean sprouts and handfuls of peanuts, fresh lime and cilantro. It ends with empty plates, full bellies and big smiles.

Sweetly spicy tomato and basil pasta

You know when one of your guests describes your dish as “like tasting my first kiss”, you’re on to a winner. Our classic, spicy tomato and basil pasta is laced with red wine and is especially good when the tomatoes and basil are in season, fresh from the kitchen garden.

Woodfired Pizza

When you're on a remote island, you have to get creative to satisfy your food cravings. Its not like we can call a delivery pizza or pop out to a favourite restaurant. After some healthy competition, we've found the perfect pizza dough, or is it foccacia bread, no wait...its flat bread. Point is, its all about the dough! 


Our curry night is deliciously different every time we cook it, and a regular feature on our menu. No recipe, just a whole lot of love. Served with our made from scratch flat bread, we’re always aiming to tip the hat to the UK’s national dish.   

Oysters and Clams fresh from the beach

Oysters and clams don't get any fresher than this. Grab a fishing license to pick your appetisers right off the beach (subject to any Red Tide restrictions). There must be a thousand ways to cook them, but straight on the BBQ makes for easy shucking, then open faced with garlic, parmesan, hot sauce...whatever rocks your world. My personal favourite is breaded and deep fried...but then everything taste better deep fried right?


From scratch falafel done 2 ways, with chickpeas and with walnuts, and perfect for summer nights on the islandWe try and grab the burst in your mouth, organic Okanagan sweetcorn from the street stand in town when ever we can and combine it with home made flat breads, home made hummus and a home grown summer salad filled with our kitchen garden goodies.

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